2 05 2010


Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

1. The readers of whatever column in the world should know, at this point, who Yoani Sánchez is. Not so for Ignacio Echevarría. Much less who is “the most adamant repudiator of the supposed spontaneity of the Yoani Sánchez phenomenon.”

2. This career of this young Cuban, born in Havana in 1975, before and after what Wikipedia can say about her (I’m wary of digital democracy), is, in effect, “prodigious.” With (good) luck that the “overwhelming list of achievements of the blogger arouses surprise and intrigue.”

3. It is natural that Yoani Sánchez finds herself in “the crosshairs of the Tyrians and the Trojans, and that her explosive trajectory has led to all kinds of support and suspicions.”  Including those of Ignacio Echevarría not the reverse: statistically it would have been unnatural that Yoani Sánchez noticed him.

4. In November 2009, President Obama’s answering a list of questions that Yoani Sanchez had sent to him was “a gesture without precedent.” So unprecedented that, half a year later, the Cuban press in Cuba still has not heard (in fact, they buried it) of this news of such impact.

5. All the alliances are “more or less unmentionable.” Like adults in public life we have the right to a private life, be it in eurocapitalism or in the insular socialipsismo.

6. Every “diplomat” is by concept, “western.” Diplomacy is a western phenomenon. Like the press.  Like Internet. Like the Cuban Revolution. Like Ignacio Echevarría.

7. “To question” and “to undermine” are synonymous copulatives, but only in the jargon of the war of the political police, as it was in 1984 so it is in 2010.

8. “More than an interview, that of Lamrani seemed a judicial interrogation, given the constant harassment that the journalist, in the role of prosecutor, subjected his interlocutor to” (Ignacio Echevarría ©).

9. “Shockingly inconsistent,” “unable to resist,” “naive,” intellectual poverty,” ideological weakness,” “vulnerability”: the author of the blog Generation Y could not have a better defense. In this weak thinking. Contradictory and counterproductive, osmotic and malleable (including manipulable), candid to the point of ignorance, fragile and on the verge of suicide (dignity of the fleeing), un-ideological and de-ideologizing, these are the bases of the no-dictatorship future in Cuba. Who’s afraid of Yoani Sánchez…?

10. “Lamrani has distorted her answers.” With all due respect, it would be redundant “to fix” or “to correct” or “to contradict” anything about it.




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3 05 2010

Thanx, WOW, translated in just a couple of hours….!

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