NEW Blog “Los Superdemokraticos”

18 06 2010

NEW Blog "Los Superdemokraticos", originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.

This blog could be defined as a pilot project of intellectual fair trade, funded by the BPB (Bundeszentrale für politische
Bildung) as part of the contest to commemorate the 200th anniversary of American independence.

20 German and Latin American writers under 40, rely on the blog to live as citizens in the place where they reside. Between June 11 and October 11 they will write short essays in their experiences from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and USA. Our authors will respond freely to four questions about history, local and personal, with the body, with the possibility of exercising their full citizenship in their place of residence and how globalization affects their daily lives.

In the blog you can read the self-presentations of the authors:

I am by necessity experimental and multipurpose of Javier Badani…

The obsession with “inventing the people is missing” of Lizabel Monica.

I have responded to all the tests on Facebook of Sabine Scho…

I am a citizen of the Milky Way of Alan Mills

I was always an observer engaged in emotions of Agustin Calcagno…

Like someone who moves, I grab my suitcase of Liliana Lara

Here friends speak of Pedro Alexander

Go to China! of Karen Naundorf

Still in traffic of Lena Zuniga…

The GDR has not completely disappeared in me of Claudia Rusch




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