26 06 2010


Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

To be evil, to be nice, to be reactionary, to be lucid, to be the best. Hard work for a generation left on the sidelines of the action, supplanted in the middle of the street, stuck on the street of fear.

What a shame. We should have come so far, we should have dynamited any karstic concepts of our notion of a nation.

Today I look for the glance of my friends, who are no more, and I see only vile glass. They have renounced their biographies in exchange for a little time to neither kill nor be killed. After all, everyone has retired to the complicit cowardice of his cave.

Harassed at the whim of the tsar, we have been left to ourselves, in the hands of adulterated adults who deliver their speeches through dentures and laboriously make love; in the hands of media missionaries who cultivate the ubiquitous gift of malice or imbecility; in the hands of the shells of heartless Cubans; in the hands of paid ghosts who stigmatize wholesale any sprouts of new life; in the hands of state warriors who lack the grace of so many pedantic patriots, since the only thing they hold in their gross claws is the cynical shadow of National Security Forces. They are only marionettes of ministerial bullying, who kick to be allowed a shitty microphone on radio or TV, in addition to the usual travel permit and blank check for travel. And faced with a such a state of intellectual mercenaries it would be ingenuous to waste five minutes of text to practice the reply (it’s preferable to remain at the epicenter).

To be narcissistic, to be anarchistic, to be terrifying, to be mute, to be better. Hard work for a generation left to snatch the beauty of the action, uprooted in the middle of the street, cursed in the middle of the street.

What a luxury. We should have been wounded so far away, dynamited any karstic concept of our notion of a nation.




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