29 09 2010

now the revolution is zen


(A streak of light in the sky)


a bird flies over a flower that
floats in the river of life flowing toward
the darkness that explodes
does the glow show you
infinity, the greatest golden
worlds, utopian, or blind you
and make you wander in ignorance
of believing in the truth?
the master cane-sword
in the air
“now Zen is revolution
and people in lotus position
back straight
eyes fixed on the floor
with the hours passing up to a
fifty level that parts legs
of the pain …
some don’t support
can’t think and take to the
sea without ideas devoured are
at bottom a tense hand
a cyanotic finger twitching
anonymous disappeared
where is the list of their names?
they are victims:
a block on one side and
a block within which no
can name
the block inside is
a shadow
the block outside is
a zen block
name it and you’ll be left
with no penitent friends
those who fly above
the river applaud the block
and the admired don’t see that
the flower is no longer lotus
is no longer
already sinks
so one loses sight
when the teacher staff in hand:
“now the revolution is zen!”
and all its shipwrecked
on a zen island
in silence
“this position illuminates is”
I think
and the stick falls on my shoulders
I think
and it splits in two over my head
“now the revolution is zen”
“now the revolution is zen”
I crawl powerless
I fly
I fall
I fly
I crawl in the air
I touch the sun
I fall!
scrape the tanks
suck in the corners
sleep on rubble!
I can not say
can not find a sun
spend hours detained
where do I drop this heavy
burden that is drowning me
why do not I let go?
“what’s wrong with my body
in the air of the scheme
in the air of the fear
in the air of the control
in the air of the fatalism
in the air of the sheep
in the air of forever and death
or death or death or death
or death or death or death
or always or always or always
the darkness
in our eyes!?”



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