buy book ESQUIRLAS on the web…..!!!!

5 12 2010



Please, if you want to smear yourself with the ex-creature “Esquirlas” of the Cuban bandit Peré Ahmel Echevarría (he has the name of an athlete but is an exceptional writer), you can purchase his book online at:

CV (looks like a biography to enter the Cuban Communist Party):
Echevarría Ahmel Peré (b. Havana, 1974). Mechanical Engineering from the Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría.
He is the author of the book of stories Inventario (David Award 2004, Ediciones UNION, 2007), and the novel Esquirlas (Pinos Nuevos Prize 2005, Publisher Letras Cubanas, 2006).
His stories were published in the anthologies:
Dream Histories and Other Ministories (Ediciones Luminaria,
Sancti Spiritus, 2003).
Those Who Tell – An Anthology  (Publisher Cajachina, 2007). The Insula Fabulante – The story of Cuba in the Revolution 1959-2008) (Publisher Letras Cubanas, 2008)
La fiamma in bocca-Giovanni narratori Cubania (Publisher Voland, 2009).
He was a member of staff of the e-zine THE REVOLUTION
EVENING POST, until Jorge Enrique Lage and OLPL expelled him out of envy for his luck with the girls languishing in Central and Upper Havana …

December 5 2010




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