7 01 2011

Please try to search on my name (Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo) in the (ophidian) official site

At this point all I am to the rancid bureaucracy of my country Cubita: a malicious code…!!!

It’s audacity made law. Illiterates who work for a wage. Erasing memory with an impunity they will pay dearly for, sooner or later, we are taking names, do you understand? Unless you desert on your first little jaunt out of the country, like so many hypocritical censors do.

For this we haven’t advanced in 50 years, abusers. Tell me something, Lagarde! Varela, embolden yourself and throw me a caricature with this national atrocity. Let’s see, Abel, are you still in office…? Barnet, please let me know. Iroel Sánchez, was it you? Jorge Ángel Hernández Pérez, do you have anything to declare besides your own talent? Bladimir Zamora, jump! Chang…, nothing, man.

You blotted out Tomás Piard’s documentary TROCADERO 162, BAJOS just because I show up and photograph well and speak with humanity. Now you shit on the prestige of the CUBALITERARIA site by censoring its search engine so nobody knows I’m a writer and that, before the hysterical tantrum you’ve thrown against me, you published a thousand things by me there in

Translator’s note: Searching on OLPL’s name at this website yields: Intento de envío de código malicioso. It means “Attempt to send malicious code.” Thus, conveniently erasing Orlando Luis from one source of Cuban literary history.

January 7 2011




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