16 04 2011

TOMÁS PIARD: Y OLPL DÓNDE ESTÁ…???!!!, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.

Finally, the half-hidden premiere of the documentary “Trocadero 162, Lower Floor” by Tomas Piard (which should have been released on December 19, 2010 for Jose Lezama Lima’s centenary), where Abel Prieto, the Minister of Culture, cowered in my presence and my words in almost a third of the film. I saw it. Pfff! It’s all chopped up and with ugly framing so I cannot be seen at the roundtable discussions about Jose Lezama Lima: I guess Daniel Diez, the editor, is culturally complicit in this chopped up trash and will receive the National Order of Censorship. You’ve got to see it, pal. Oh, what a sight…!!!

Translator’s note: Tomas Piard made a film about Jose Lezama Lima in which OLPL was a significant presence. The government refused to allow the film to be released with OLPL in it, so it was edited to remove him.…

April 13 2011



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