CNN: Castro Network News / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

9 03 2015

Orlando, Luis Pardo Lazo, 8 March 2015 — CNN is an anti-democratic and anti-American organ of complicity with Castro.

In the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists of the United States, it’s very clear that they have to respect the right to a fair trial of those incriminated, before releasing any privileged information to the public, since this can unfairly influence the legal result.

It’s clear that they have to think hard before reproaching people, above all before there have been formal judicial charges against them.

However, as CNN hates Bob Menendez (for commercial reasons), just as it hates all Cubans except those who support Castro (for commercial reasons), CNN has launched its juicy scoop in order to throw stones at the public prestige of someone who opposes the tyrannical resolutions of Barack Obama.

They also bribed The New York Times to publish dozens of pro-Castro editorials in complicity with the Cuban (and) American entrepreneurship, manipulating American citizens from the medium monopoly of malice.

I have come to the United States to witness the end of American democracy. How sad.

Soon I am leaving.

Translated by Regina Anavy



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