3 02 2011



Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

The eyes, curved, the orbits exorbitant.

The image of the world becomes amorphous and much more brimming over.

A film should be shot entirely like this, from the vision of the

illuminated. For instance, from the perspective of a child that suffers from


When I discovered the moon, well focused in my retina, I was disappointed. So

small, so round, so framed inside my first spectacles. A

toy moon. The moon of the myopic is an explosion that

illuminates much more. A waste.

The street lights are also spectacular without glasses. The circles of

light almost always overlap.

No placard will ever have power over you if you cannot focus it in your eye.

You make your eyes small, the muscles make an extra effort to bend

the cornea, but the optical error remains.

With myopia, objects are closer than they seem, as in

those labels on rear-view mirrors.

One must bring things and faces closer to recognize them.

With myopia one is lonelier, but also capable of more solidarity.

And horror does not escalate so sharply over the optical nerve as to steam the brain.

Translated by T

December 30 2010