With Everyone and for the Cinema of Everyone

27 02 2010


Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

The former CIA agent in “In silence that had to be” has returned once again to Havana. A tall, elegant Reinaldo. A neat post-revolution Miravalles, and without the camouflage suit. With the look of a Havana bug. With his gentle peasant smile that survived the exile. Still, in the heart of a Cuba that applauds nervously in Chaplin cinema, in spite of the Security, the opening speech of the Director Rolando Diaz: the save-able brother of our Judas-Jesus (RIP), the prodigal son who regrets nothing and offers no one forgiveness (but an entry permit into the country).

Cynical surroundings. Legalistic remoteness. Mercenaries’ melodrama of fibs and Melesio’s magic, cará.

Reinaldo Miravalles remembers the Thursdays at half past eight of eighties socialism, on TVC’s channel 6. Pretend parties filmed with wooden cameras, but with great talent for the enjoyment of the Cuban family (now all those people collect cheques like telenovela technicians or Univision’s reporters).

If not for Melesio. If not for Mom. If not for Eloisa Alvarez Guedes. If not for Tomas Gutierrez Alea, who brought you slices of genius in a thousand and one black and white movies. Rancher who fled in the last inning and swam across to the old jetty. If not for the epic oedipal film studios of MININT. If not for political parody of Alice in the macabre village Wonderland.

Melisio, dear heart. How Cuba misses you despite the security barrier that expels screaming the youth from Chaplin Cinema. Apologies to this juventud.cu for not entering to see you in action, in activation: they are young and memory has only a future, the so-called Cinema of the Revolution for them may as well be the name of a pizzeria at 12th and 23rd.

Melesio, dear one, bewildered by our new style of apartheid in 35 millimeter: operating with civilian clothes (and the complicit help of the uniformed walkie-talkies), with the lush looks of Lucky Luciano, and an armored van with green license plates on the other side just in case… (All documented in an underground video-clip, perhaps for display at the next festival.)

Cuba as crass crisis. Criminal caricature scripted by no one, because there is not even a Great Narrator. Cuba as a digital prison in a video-beam from the Young Filmmakers exhibition of 2010. Aldeano panic. Aldeano country. Quasi-octegenarian guests of honor. What can one say? It is the price of doing without the State Institution.

Melesio, sweetheart. Ancient delegate who fortunately still has no problem with the G-2. The hug we should share is for the moment postponed until we live together in a less pathetic Havana. And less fucked as well.

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24 02 2010

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JM Álvarez and MH Lagarde

23 02 2010

JM Álvarez y MH Lagarde, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.



Translator’s note: JM Álvarez and MH Lagarde are well-known vocal supporters of and apologists for the Castro regime in Cuba. This graphic is from the blog of JM Álvarez. Obviously OLPL does not share these men’s opinions, as his readers know well.


23 02 2010

SILVIO BENÍTEZ @ ALLVOICES, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.



20 02 2010


Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

The first and only hunger strike I remember was who knows when, in Ireland. Or at least it had to do with the Irish, that magnificent race which should not let itself be killed that way.

In a park in El Vedado, in Havana with an H disinherited until the 21st century, there is still a tally of the names of those martyrs of starvation. And of the murderous inaction of the English.

I grew, ate, shat and learned of other self-imposed hunger deaths as protest, in another island much closer than Ireland. And enclosed.

I am a biochemist. I know well how the body devours itself without commiseration.

I am human. I scarcely resist such tale of impiety. One does not need to be a doctor or in the military to feel in the molecules of the soul the shitty bite of injustice.

I’ve read that astronauts go through something similar when in a state of weightlessness. A black Cuban experienced it firsthand decades ago, while covering himself of inter-cosmic glory and racist jokes at the same time.

His last name was Tamayo.

Every story of the homeland is pathetic. Of a bloody irony, incredible, criminal.

Black Cubans are a race as magnificent as the red-tinged Irish. Both are Celtoids with bodies built for combat and hard heads that without much thought they may burst against the first wall they meet.

They are beamers of energy who in a disciplinarian State are stigmatized with ultimately fatal results. In our country there are surnames that only afterward will be mentioned without hesitation.

From the tribune to the tribunal.

From word to the execution platform.

From intravenous infusion to sangria.

From negligence to the morgue.

Not one, but a thousand and one transitions democratanatic.

With every calamity Cuba contracts: contracts the plague of its tired carcass. With each story of a man who did not fit into the Cuban reality, something goes crack in the muscles of the morbid pack, through some valve our national ex-spirit escapes us whistling by.

And the gong of the fugue sounds to end the mass, the suite of the escape of the most savage. And amid this tide fools who handcuff us, pretending to be zoocialistoid zombies in an effort to postpone our rite of Extreme Unction. And worst, pretending that nothing has happened.

With each of these execution platforms, Cuba perishes: digs not as cannibalistic but as its own despicable humanity strike.

Translated by: PitoFe


20 02 2010



17 02 2010

OLPL @ IMPARCIAL DIGITAL, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.



17 02 2010

BORING HOME @ MANGUITO REVIEW, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo. manguitoreview.blogspot.com/2010/02/orlando-luis-pardo-lazo

solene solstice

13 02 2010

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Ladies in White

13 02 2010

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