Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo (1971). Wrong writer and postographer. He resides and resists in Habanaught, Cuba. Editor of the irregular writing e-zine The Revolution Evening Post. In Cuba he has published several newrrative books: Collage Karaoke (Letras Cubanas, 2001), Empezar de Cero (Extramuros, 2001), Ipatrías (Unicornio, 2005), Mi nombre es William Saroyan (Abril, 2006) and Boring Home (digitally domestic, 2009).

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30 06 2010

Greetings from the Windy City!!. I live in this side of the pond since April 1980, from the very first group to Mariel. I was in “Antonio Guiteras” , “Guido Fuentes” , and the “Pre” (Saul Delgado). After all this years the same “bovine fecal matter”, the stupid censorship. That is the only reason that make me think twice before visiting . In reality I am very scare to do it. I did saw the name “Kents” in one of the musician pendant. Are they the same “Kents” from Andy Pachalides? It is really fucking amazing!!!. If the situation were different I will travel to Jam with the guys. Not time right now, texte me back

6 08 2015

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