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28 02 2013

News reported by ABC-Spain.

Here is a translation of that report:

Rosa María Payá stated that she had met in Madrid with the People’s Party (PP) politician, who recounted what happened in the unexplained accident that killed her father and Harold Cepero.

The daughter of the Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá said today in Madrid that Ángel Carromero confirmed, on her arrival in Spain this February 16, that a vehicle rammed them off the road in the unexplained accident that killed her father and the opponent Harold Cepero on July 22, 2012, near Bayamo (Cuba).

During a press conference — in which the Swedish politician Jens Modig Aron, who was traveling as ‘copilot’ in the car driven by the New Generations of the People’s Party politician — Rosa María Payá also said they were considering legal action.

Payá’s daughter claims that Carromero — sentenced to four years in prison in the Communist island after a “rigged” trial — is not guilt of the “probably murder” of her father and Cepero, and therefore should not be treated as a criminal in Spain.

February 28 2013

New Christian Liberation Movement Magazine

28 02 2013

There’s a little explosion of free publishing projects inside cuba.

…Christian Liberation Movement Magazine…


February 25 2013

Zone of Silence, the last event before prison for Angel Santiesteban

28 02 2013

Today, Wednesday, Angel Santiesteban’s time as a free man is running out.

Cuban society doesn’t give a damn. Maybe they’re right. When they hear talk of culture, they reach for their gun (or worse, their wallet).

The Cuban intelligentsia will probably hear of this when they release Angel Santiesteban within 5 years, days before or after the constitutional end of the Castro regime.

Cuba as scaffold.

February 27 2013

a flower for Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Cuban martyr: Liberty and Life

24 02 2013

The day Orlando Zapata Tamayo died, something died in me forever.

Do you get it, Cuban State?

Forever is forever.

February 24 2013

Rosa Maria Paya at Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy

21 02 2013

Christian Liberation Movement, More United Than Ever

The text of Rosa Maria’s speech, as she delivered it in English, is here. And a video of her delivering it is here.

February 19 2013

Of Castroism and Other Demons

18 02 2013

Castroism Doesn’t Exist, My Love

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

There is hatred in your heart. That is the true story of Cuba. A history of mistrust instigated from power. Of linguistic violence that translates in violence in the bodies. A history of extreme aridity, lack of solidarity as the only guarantee of socialism. A process of de-Cubanization in the key of atrophied nationalism, as the first phase of a dehumanization that makes us fight to the death without freeing ourselves, if not making us greater slaves.

There is the comfort of the survivor. The laziness of looking somewhere else. Of not being the guilty. The cowardice of assuming ourselves to be victims incapable of taking the lead. The hypocrisy of abstractly trusting in God, but never in concrete Truth and Life that he supposedly gave us.

Cuban ugliness exists. That. In a totalitarian theater everything is ugly to the point of ridiculousness. Impossible to feel compassion in the midst of such scenery. Starting with the people,this statistical rudeness of theatric taboos under the materialistic mantle of a humiliating lack of imagination.

Drip and drabs of nothing. Becoming decrepit without a single sense that sustains us. Fear first makes us mediocre and then narrow, virtuosos of vertigo (present that flees its future without even daring to look back), incapable of the least salvation. And there is, of course, the death we dwell in while waiting for Day F that will, however, be the day of our own funeral.

Castroism doesn’t exist, my love.

There is only our indecent lack of affection in so many individual, people, posthumous country or terrible homeland that fortunately is already lost.

February 17 2013

Is Cuba Black for Ethnic or Ethical Reasons?

10 02 2013

World Classifications of Freedom – Reporters Without Borders

February 10 2013