Dream (Clip from Frank Manuel Trujillo)

31 08 2011

Suenha from Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on Vimeo.

Only truth will make us free.  Jesus

To dream does not cost a cent, to act with a conscience and with courage is the highest expression of love.


Don’t look back





The sun will shine!

And the day

we find

that dream

No one

Don’t look back

Have faith



A different world

Every day




Dream, dream that there will always be people that will realize and fight for their dreams

We must all be honest, so that the page turns on that mythomaniac world to which we have been subdued


Theatrical Cubaland of The Enchanted Stag

31 08 2011

Theatrical Cubaland of The Enchanted Stag, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.


August 21 2011

Paradise (clip from Frank Manuel Trujillo)

31 08 2011

Paradise from Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on Vimeo.

Opening frame: “An image is worth 1,000 words.”

Closing frame: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

August 23 2011

Hurry up Cuban, deadline approaches for the Photography Contest…

31 08 2011

Hurry up Cubaaan, deadline approaches for the Photography Contest…, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.



August 24 2011


11 08 2011

LOVE WILL FIND THE WWWAY…!, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.

Saturday the 13 approaches…

The people in Cuba are ever more supportive…

A sea of people tell me they are going to the wedding…

It doesn’t matter to anyone about having an official invitation or not…

All of Havana fits inside the Maya Rodriguez Marriage Palace…

The Monaco of Cuba will be, for one day, the Monaco of Europe…

It will be a true gayvolution…!!!

All you need is love!

August 11 2011


11 08 2011

August 11 2011


10 08 2011

INVITACIÓN AL MUNDO…, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.

Don’t miss it. Cuba within a Palace.

August 10 2011

more than meet the eyes….

10 08 2011

more than meet the eyes…., originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.

Love is a limit game…!

Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada know it very well.

Felicidades. Congaytulations…!

August 10 2011

Ignacio Estrada and Wendy Iriepa

10 08 2011

Ignacio Estrada y Wendy Iriepa, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.

Loving in Cuba against the fierce force of socialist sadness, despotic death and institutional intolerance…

August 10 2011

Wendy Iriepa

10 08 2011

Wendy Iriepa, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.

First Transgender marriage in the history of Cuba. Ignacio Estrada and Wendy Iriepa. Saturday, August 13, 2011. Mayía Rodríguez Wedding Palace, 3:30 PM.

As happens with the great unknown events of the Island. Without a temper tantrum by the Catholic church. Without permission from the party. At the margin of CENESEX. With the ignorance of the Cuban press…

August 10 2011